Protest Badge on Mayan pigment/Blue tree dyed textile

Protest Badge on Mayan pigment/Blue tree dyed textile


Please note that the badge you order will be in variable dark tones, and not exactly as the one in the image. This is because there is only one of each!

Each is numbered and made by participants in global workshops, arranged to discuss actions to empower women and stop gender violence.

The badges are woven in Nanduti technique, originally from Paraguy. A badge can travel through several workshops and hands, before its finished and ready to be worn to spread awareness.

Symbols: The cross in the middle references the crosses on all light poles in Cd Juarez, painted in protest by activists and victims´families. The flower petals resemble hope, joy and life connected to economically independent women, and of course our use of botanical dye.

Size of patch is around 5 cm (around 2 inches)


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Images from our global workshops

image protest badge webshop.001.jpeg