Frill Blouse #7, second edition in Eucalyptus, size M

Frill Blouse #7, second edition in Eucalyptus, size M


Our unique blouses are printed with the energy and sweetness of the heart. Wear thousand years of history contained in the traditions of botanical dyes and be proud of the mother’s earth gifts.

A beautiful loose fit blouse with open front and long arms, detailed with frills halfway and a puffy last part of the sleeves. Tiny frills also mark the shoulders and at the back.  Like all our garments it is handmade, numbered and comes with a protest badge.

Colors: The blouse comes i shades of yellow from Eucalyptus bath, fresh red roses and Eucalyptus leaves. Each blouse has the specific flowers used to make its colors and patterns, handwritten on its Care tag.

Size: Length of size M is 67cm (26.37 inches) / Shoulder across 37 cm (14.56 inches) / Sleeve length 65cm (25.6 inches)

Care Instructions: Hand wash only 

Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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Design for our first four styles where donated from Norwegian designer, Tine Mollatt (byTiMO) along with training and capacity building between her team and our team on the ground in Juarez. Recently, Maritza Uscanga Soto, a young fashion designer from Cd Juarez, has joined our support team.

Currently Hilda Ortega and Mariquita Perez Perez are sewing our garments. In February Maritza will be teaching new team members, using our machines in the afternoons. We are very excited to welcome them.

We don’t follow fashion seasons. We make garments that can be used any time. But we like to develop and will change and add special items to our collection when we feel its time.

Our goal is to make our styles become Icons, something our buyers never will throw away, and wear knowing their purchase has made a difference

Mariaquita, from our sewing team.

Mariaquita, from our sewing team.

Hilda from our sewing team

Hilda from our sewing team


All our garments are dyed one and one, with plants and flowers from the Chihuahua district, turning each into a unique piece, with prints that resembles watercolors. We really work for these prints, it can take up to 60 hours to accomplish a print on a blouse. We work on it in many layers, resembling making a painting and we think of our pieces as wearable art.

Colors: In these blouses we are using Eucalyptus Tea bath and Eucalyotus leaves to create the beautiful earthy yellow tones. Using The choice of working with natural dye has been a conscious one. The process is nothing less than fantastic, transforming something almost dead or thought of as waste into something of beauty. It doesn’t demand you to know how to write or read to become a master.

The process itself is a symbol of hope and change, it is slow, and an opposite to the exploitation of workers for profit in the hundreds of Sweat shops/factories located in Cd Juarez.

We have been so lucky that our team has been trained in natural dye by artist Cara Maria Piazza, a highly skilled and talented natural dyer from NYC. She has visited our studio twice to help us develop our work. Our studio manager, textile artist Jane Terrazas,  uses her long term interest and knowledge about plants and dye to further develop our library of colors together with Candelaria Gutierrez Perez.

We involve our neighbors - flower shops are saving their withered flowers for us and local restaurants their food waste. We can use it all